Getting around in Athens

Staying in the center of Athens makes your life very simple. You can walk to almost every archeological site, the major museums and attractions.

Nevertheless, public transport is available, inexpensive, reliable and save. Trolleys, subway and buses criss-cross the city. It is necessary to buy the ticket at the various “periptera”, little kiosks or stands selling newspapers, sweets, beverages etc. which you can find at every corner, before you use public transport.

Another option is taking a taxi, which are yellow in Athens. Taxis are the most expensive means of travel, even if they are less expensive than in other European cities like Munich, Paris or London. Be assured that there is no bigger percentage of cheats among the taxi drivers than in all major cities around the world – and almost all of them are helpful, friendly and well mannered.

Taxis unfortunately have gotten a bad name in Athens because of the unfortunate behavior of a few but there is no reason to be afraid of them since the vast majority is very nice.

Especially at rush hour – despite the huge number of available taxis in Athens, sometimes it is extremely difficult to catch one. To stop a taxi, stand on the pavement, wave your arms and shout your destination as they pass by.

If a taxi is going your way the driver stops even if there are already passengers inside. However, this does not mean that your fare will be less – everyone will be charged the fare shown on the meter. Always make sure that the meter is switched on as soon as you get into a taxi!!!

As everywhere, there are some legitimate surcharges – for heavy luggage, from midnight to 5am (almost twice the regular rate!), on holidays, from airport and port.

Approximate rates:

Airport – city center: 20-25 €
Airport – port: 25-30 €
City center – port: 10 €